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7 Warning Signs You are Drifting from God
Most Christians don’t suddenly fall into terrible sin. A guy doesn’t simply wake up one day and say to himself, “Boy, today is a great day to start a raging heroin habit,” or “You know what, I’m in the mood to commit adultery today.” That’s not how it happens.
Reading the Bible in 3D
Let the Bible tell its own story to you. Trust the Jesus story as it moves from Genesis to Revelation.
This is an excerpt from the new groundbreaking book Jesus: A Theography by Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet.
Under the covers: Talking about lost sexual interest in your marriage
A Focus on the Family article about why couples drift apart and 8 strategies for reconnecting.
What Non-Christians Really Think About Christians
This article, by Thom Rainer, lists the seven most common types of comments made by unchurched non-christians about their perspectives of Christians.
Catechism - With OUR kids?
Kathy Keller recounts her expercience doing a catechism with our very young, very active boys.

5 Things That Will DESTROY Your Church
There are few things more tragic than a church divided.  Many don’t set out to be divisive in the church.  The seeds of division are small, but they can grow into a large problem. As Christians, it’s important that we prayerfully examine ourselves to see whether or not we are the cause of division.  Mark Driscoll examines the five sign to consider.

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