Dr. Charlie Worley - EFCC Church Planting Catalyst

Dr. Charlie Worley is the Church Planting Catalyst for the Evangelical Free Church of Canada.
He also serves as a mentor and coach to our Pastor Bob Pond.  He is also our consultant for church health.

Charlie has served as District Superintendent for the Lower Pacific District from 2001-2003 and as the Associate District Superintendent for the Midwest District (EFCA). He was also a Regional Minister with the North American Baptist Conference. He has experience as a pastor, church planter,intentional interim pastor, adjunct faculty member at North American Baptist Seminary, adjunct and part-time instructor at ACTS seminaries and visiting guest lecturer at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Dallas Theological Seminary and Talbot Seminary. He was also instructor of Christian Education at Vancouver Bible College and Miami Christian College.

Charlie has coached and helped train scores of church planters and pastors, has trained coaches and has consulted with several churches in transition or in decline. He was trained in coaching by Bob Logan of CoachNet ministries and also in coaching churches in the use and application of Natural Church Development tools. His specialties are church planting and church health. Charlie also served on the EFCA development team for T-NET, a church-based approach to disciple-making and church health.


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